Ben Werner

Ben Werner graduated from high school in Chicago, Illinois, and is taking a gap year to volunteer at a school for Afghan refugees in New Delhi, India, before starting college. Ben was born in Chicago, but moved to Afghanistan in 2005, where his family lived and worked for four years.

He also lived in Memphis, Tennessee for two years, and has been heavily influenced by his cross cultural    experiences throughout his life. The school Ben will be volunteering at was established to assist Afghans seeking to emigrate to other countries. It is specifically geared toward helping middle and high school aged students prepare to transition to a western high school or college setting. 

As Ben thought and prayed about New Delhi, it seemed like a perfect fit. From his memories of living in Afghanistan and concern for the plight of refugees, he wanted to reconnect with Central Asian culture and work with displaced people. Being a native English speaker, and having recently finished high school and   taken college entrance exams, it seemed like an opportunity for him to help students facing those same    challenges as they seek to further their education. Ben's roles at the school will include working as a tutor for individual students, and helping with sports and after school activities.

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