Chris and Francelia McReynolds

Francelia and Chris McReynolds serve throughout Mexico and the border region of Texas.  Their ministry focus is capacity-building in Christian education and discipleship.  They work with children and their parents, as well as teachers. Their calling is to equip adults with biblical principles so they can more effectively nurture the image of God in each child. Centuries of widespread biblical illiteracy in México have fostered corruption, violence, hopelessness, and destructive home environments for millions of children and their families.

The McReynolds use the AMO® Program, published by Chrysalis International, to equip parents and church leaders with a Christian mindset to disciple children through biblical, Christian education that teaches the whole child. AMO® is an acronym in Spanish for “Feed My Lambs.” The McReynolds also serve with Walk With México™. This is a movement in México and the United States of like-minded Christian educators and supporters from diverse backgrounds working to develop Christian education and discipleship for national transformation and restoration in México. The movement seeks to better equip and connect Christian education and discipleship ministries from all levels as they help Christians engage their culture and disciple their nation for Christ.

Chris grew up on the Texas-México border and attended First Presbyterian Church of Del Rio, Texas. He has a BA in animal science and additional studies in cross-cultural ministry from Fuller Seminary. His interest in cross-cultural ministry was cultivated while participating in short-term mission projects on the border. This volunteer work led to seven years as full-time coordinator for Proyecto Amistad in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, a Presbyterian ministry for church construction and Christian education development.

Francelia was born in México City and lived as a youth in the Mexican state of Tabasco, where she first began following Jesus Christ. She is an educator and a writer/editor of Sunday school curriculum for the National Presbyterian Church of México. She has a MA in Arts and Religion (Westminster Seminary, Pennsylvania) and a Doctorate in Missiology (Faculdade Sul Americana, Brazil). She has served as the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Education for the National Presbyterian Church of México. With a vision for serving women, children and Christian education in México, Francelia is studying law (part-time and on-line) at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

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