Eric Miller

Eric Miller joined The Antioch Partners (TAP) in August 2007 in a partnership with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. For over fifty years Eric has worked with college and university students under InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Creative evangelism and Inductive Bible Study has been at the heart of Eric’s long, faithful and creative ministry with university students.

In 1966 Eric entered Fuller Seminary and joined the Southern California staff team of InterVarsity.  Two years later, InterVarsity sent him on a one year assignment in Africa with a new mission initiative, African Enterprise.  In Kenya, dissatisfied with the growing irrelevance of traditional approaches, Eric, with a group of students, developed an evangelistic “Psychedelic Light Show” multi-media presentation for the racially mixed population of Nairobi. The tremendous response to that experiment in Kenya led IVCF to give Eric the freedom to launch TWENTYONEHUNDRED Productions, which today continues as a major creative force within InterVarsity.  In 1982 Eric’s team received a gold medal at the International Multi-media Festival in Boulder, Colorado, for a stunning twenty-eight projector sound and light exposition of the Book of Habakkuk.  Eric’s focus in evangelism is to call people to follow Jesus as Lord of their life and experience the transformation of accepting Jesus as Savior.

Over the last two decades the impact of Eric’s ministry has moved beyond the confines of the IFES work among students in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the America’s, Oceana and the length and breadth of Africa.  Increasingly, he has been invited to provide training for church leaders and mission agencies in Bible study, evangelism and economic development throughout. He uses this wider involvement as an example as he mentors students and staff workers. He is also providing leadership to the pastoral training of over four hundred pastors across Kenya through the Daraja La Tumaini initiative, Inductive Bible Study is the foundation of this training.  From a start of seven “Manuscript Bible Study” groups in the slum areas of Nairobi to now over 60 groups of a dozen pastors spending a morning a month systematically exploring the Scriptures together.  His expanded ministry focus has led to TAP’s partnership with IVCF. For more than three decades Eric has been involved in developing highly-contextualized forms of ministry among unreached and least-reached people groups.  To this end he was a founding board member of ‘Global Partners for Development’.

For nearly twenty-five years, Eric has worked from a base  in Nairobi, Kenya. Eric was ordained in 1971 by the Presbytery of San Fernando (PCUSA) to serve as an evangelist and media ministry pioneer with InterVarsity. He is a long-time member of the Presbytery of John Knox (PCUSA).   He along with a number of African leaders, established a yearly Bible study event in East Africa going under the name bereanSafari, a journey of discovery in the Scriptures.  The thirteenth annual event will take place in Hawassa, Ethiopia from August 3rd – 10th 2019 (for information: ).  For the past eight years he has been served as a honorary Vice President of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students which serves national student ministries in over 150 nations.

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