by Austin House

A few months ago I was able to visit a church plant in Hskay village that we’ve been serving for about four years. It takes 10 hours of driving and two days of walking through the jungle along the Thailand-Burma border to get there. But every time I make the trip, it’s worth it! This time was no different.

During our walk we rendezvoused with an evangelist we had trained and sent to Hskay village. He had just been in the refugee camp with his pregnant wife and daughter and heard we were headed to Hskay so he quickly caught up with us. The next day we walked all day before we reached Hskay where we stayed with one of the Christian families. All of the believers in this village are new in their faith; the oldest in his faith has only known Christ for five years.

The first night I met with a new believer by the name of Pupu Daeng “Grandfather Red” who shared his story with us. He had been seeking God for over 60+ years and had even been a Buddhist monk at one time. Later on his son had become a monk, something which any Buddhist parent would be very proud of, as well as earn the family merit. But as for him, he found no satisfaction in Buddhism. After giving up on Buddhism he spent many years worshipping the spirits. To him the spirits only took and never returned anything back. He shared with me rather disdainfully “The spirits are useless!” One day Pupu Daeng became very sick while at his bamboo hut, all alone. His only possessions of worth were his cows that he watched over, but after his pain became too great he passed out. When he awoke he found that his cows were gone.

He decided to pray to the one God he had heard about from Christians. When he opened his eyes his cows were all miraculously standing in front of his house as if they had never left. When he felt better he went to see his grandson, Hsi Htoo, to learn more about the God who brought his cows back. Hsi Htoo graciously shared the gospel not only in word through the Bible, but also by taking his sick grandfather into his home to care for him. Grandfather Daeng also shared with me that whenever he becomes sick he is comforted by the prayers he and others offer to God.

The next day two new believers and I had a day of training and discussion about Jesus Christ. After talking with the church we all decided that these two and Pupu Daeng were ready for baptism so we headed down to the stream. The three individuals being baptized were very different; ranging from a teenage girl to an elderly man, but they were all there for one purpose. As we walked into the water a crowd of new believers surrounded us and our Lord was there too. I truly believe He rejoiced as three believers were welcomed into those baptismal waters.

We hope you too can rejoice in the baptism of these three including Pupu Daeng. We also trust that you’ll continue to pray and seek God in your own life. Maybe it won’t be cows that come back to you, but we have faith that our God can do miracles in your life too.