These good looking gentlemen were in my class at San Pablo Seminary this past month. We studied aesthetics together and had a blast.

Several of the men are pastors, two are philosophy students and the rest are enrolled in the seminary’s Christian formation master’s program. We studied aesthetics from a Christian world view and as part of their work they created videos or power points on different topics. The master’s classes are taught in January and July of each year.

Another development is the little church in Sitpatch, Yucatan has asked me to be their stated supply for the next year.  The picture is a bit deceptive as their property is very long. Behind this entry there is a basketball court, Sunday school rooms and the beginnings of what they hope will be a Christian elementary school.

We are very pleased that they are already involved in the AMO program directed by The Antioch Partners' missionaries Chris and Francelia Chavez McReynolds, so that is a great fit for all of us.

Just now, Martha and I are going to Valdivia, Chile to teach in the Evangelical Bible Seminary there for a week. Please keep us in your prayers.



Written by  Don Wehmeyer , TAP Partner

Written by Don Wehmeyer, TAP Partner