Art and Darcy Staddon

Art and Darcy Staddon were married in 2011 and quickly sensed a calling to cross-cultural ministry. They moved to Japan in 2013 and have been on a wild, challenging adventure with God during those ministry years.  God also grew their family through the adoption of their Japanese daughter, Megumi (born in May 2014). 

Art and Darcy’s hearts are fixed on helping the marginalized in Japan.  Art’s ministry work has included working with homeless in the city of Nagoya. Art and Darcy's advocacy for and modeling of adoption is in sharp contrast to the culture’s attitude of adoption as an unpopular, shameful thing to do.  

Their big vision for their ministry in Japan is to establish a recovery farm for hikikomori.  Hikikomori are acutely socially withdrawn young people, mostly men, who have suffered seemingly irreparable shame or defeat in life and have withdrawn completely from society. Some of these people haven’t left their bedrooms in over a decade, and it is estimated there are over one million hikikomori in Japan. (For more on hikikomori: )  Art and Darcy are pursuing the creation of a farm homestay program to help restore 2 to 4 hikikomori individuals at a time within the context of purpose, new family, and the love of Christ.  Their ministry prayer is anchored in Joel 2:25: “I will restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten.”

Additionally, half of Darcy’s ministry assignment is to serve as the Executive Assistant to Dr. Michael Oh, who is the Global Executive Director of the Lausanne Movement (  Lausanne is a strategic movement that connects influencers and ideas for global mission.  Darcy’s support role takes her somewhere else in the world at least once a year to support Michael and other Christian leaders from around the world as they meet, vision, and pray together.

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