Eric and Debbie Stone

Family Biography

Eric was born and raised in North Carolina.  After graduating from R. J. Reynolds High in Winston-Salem, he served two years in the U.S. Army Infantry in Panama.  He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with distinction, earning a BS in Business Administration. He worked in business for four years when God called him to serve for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zacapa, Guatemala.  While there, he met his wife, Debbie.  During 20 years of marriage they have served as missionaries in Guatemala. They have two sons, Eric (18) and Danny (16).  While serving in Guatemala Eric has completed a MA in Bible Studies from the Central American Seminary in Guatemala City (an affiliate of Dallas Theological Seminary).

Debbie is a native Guatemalan from a committed evangelical Christian family. She has served for over 20 years in children’s ministry at her local church.  She graduated as a bilingual secretary from a local Lutheran school.  Debbie loves to cook and sew. She is also an avid DIYer in that she makes soap, detergent, lotions, perfumes, etc. from scratch.

Eric and Danny are bilingual/bicultural.  Eric heads to Mars Hill University in the fall 2018 where he plans to study education. Danny is in the eleventh grade and is developing a strong interest in theoretical mathematics. He also plays the piano and the guitar. Both are fans of the Barcelona soccer team.  They are great sources of pride for their parents.

Guatemala – a Missions Paradox

The mission field in which they serve, Guatemala, is a missions paradox. While being one of the most evangelized countries in the world statistically, Guatemala is continually ranked as one of the most violent, especially against women. The Stone’s ministries are designed to promote a Christian culture via education and practical training that help folks make decisions that facilitate an orderly, God ordained existence in the face of growing social chaos. Their ministries prioritize women and children.

With a group of volunteers from the local Guatemalan church, the Stones have taught a Bible based values class to over 500 students weekly at a local, public elementary school since 2013 thus forming a generation conscious of Kingdom values that promote both an orderly life and society. This type of outreach needs to grow given that half of Guatemala’s seventeen million citizens are under 18 years of age representing a potential demographic catalyst for transformation.

Since 2015, Debbie has taught sewing to various groups of women. Aside from learning a marketable skill, these women have experienced increased self-esteem and restoration of their dignity which is constantly vulnerable in the male-dominated culture characterized by violence against women. They are taking steps to form a cooperative and market their products both nationally and internationally.

Eric has taught Bible and theology to rural pastors and lay folk since 2005. He teaches in partnership with Church of God, Full Gospel. His teaching focuses on an incarnate Christology i.e. Christ living through us to establish His kingdom on earth, so badly needed in a Christian country caracterized by violence, corruption and a measure of apathetic fatalism. He emphasizes the Kingdom already amongst us in contrast to the cultural norm of identifying the Kingdom primarily with a distant heaven that awaits us.

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