The Antioch Partners


The Antioch Partners is a missionary sending agency which partners with local Presbyterian churches in the US in sending followers of Jesus to participate in God’s mission in the world. Those serving through The Antioch Partners (TAP) have been called by God to long-term, cross-cultural ministry and they are engaged in many aspects of Kingdom work, including: inviting people to follow Jesus, social justice, discipleship, supporting church-planting movements, leadership development and business as mission.

TAP is a strategic alliance of Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship and The Outreach Foundation. As a shared ministry of these two founding organizations, TAP partners with local Presbyterian churches in the US, as well as with a broad spectrum of global partners. TAP is committed to a flat, lean organizational structure, so we can maximize Kingdom impact while minimizing our use of Kingdom resources.

In partnership with local Presbyterian churches, there are now missionaries serving through TAP in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, as well as in the US among not-yet-Christian immigrant communities. As God opens the way, we are committed to increasing the following: the number of Presbyterian churches TAP is serving in the sending of missionaries, the number of missionaries being sent, as well as the areas of the world and number of unreached people groups where these missionaries are serving.

TAP’s commitment is to expand long-term, cross-cultural mission opportunities for Presbyterians. We invite you to explore this website and learn more about TAP and how TAP could serve you and your church.